2010 A year in review, or some such

Like any other year, 2010 wasn’t deficient of any newsworthy happenings. Probably the biggest story of 2010 was the massive oil spill from BP.

The U.S. Economy played a major role in news stories as well, from employment to home mortgages.

Sports was a consistent highlight in 2010, which started off right with the Olympics and continued through with the World Cup. Quirkier moments sometimes proved more irresistible than scores, like the cigar-smoking Tiger Woods bystander who became an instant Web celebrity. And in pop culture, everything from red carpet triumphs to unexpected farewells captured attention. One more time, let us look back at the news stories that resonated most in 2010.

The Olympics were in February, and the iPhone 4 came out in April.

In May came the world’s largest man-made disaster in the oil spill. Gary Coleman passed away. The World Cup was in June with all of those stupid horns.

In July came the LeBron Sweepstakes.  A $5 garage sale find made for a feel-good story when VaNeisha Robinson found that the LeBron jersey pendant was worth $10,000. That was before the original owner accused her of theft and Robinson filed a lawsuit. Then again, anything to do with the basketball player, who left the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat, brought out the haters:  He even got booed at Carmelo Anthony‘s wedding.

In October came the great rescue of the workers in the mine in Chile.

And finally in December, Just in time for Old Man Time to make way for Baby New Year, a viral video surfaced of a girl named Natalie from birth to age 10, testimony to a dedicated father’s love.

There were some very good parts to 2010. The Texas Rangers made it to the World Series! The Dallas Cowboys fell very short of the Super Bowl, and everyone was amazed that Tiger Woods was human after all.

What a year.



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