Aaaahhh, New Years Eve, eve

12/30/2010 and counting……

This year is just about completely historic. It’s just about in the books. And thank goodness.

For many of us who still have jobs, the new year marks a fresh set of downs, a new allocation of vacation days, sick days, et al. And it couldn’t come at a moment too soon. This year has not felt like holidays at all, what with Christmas coming on Saturday (The Grinch Who Stole Christmas comes to mind), so I didn’t even get an extra day off due to Christmas and New Years being on a Saturday! In fact, I work in the kind of business that requires me to work all day New Years Eve. Oh well, I’m just saying I’m looking forward to getting this week, month, and year out-of-the-way.

To add insult to injury, my Army Cadets are playing SMU today in Dallas. but because I have to work I will have to miss the game. Another reason to get a fresh set of downs. But I’m thankful I have employment.

I’ve began to make some initial plans or at least thinking about what I might want to do in 2011 regarding vacation time. The possibilities that come to mind are, a train trip on Amtrak for Mardi Gras. I have also been thinking of taking a cruise to the Bahamas since the prices are so outrageously low, maybe a trip to Vegas since I’ve never been there before. All kinds of fun possibilities are there for me in 2011. I also have a chance to go to Buffalo New York (in the summertime) for my military reunion. So yeah, all kinds of possibilities are there.

The bottom line is I definitely need some time off. Where is that Grinch???

UPDATE::::::: My friend Dave (one of only two people to read my blog), read my blog and texted me to remind me I have a DVR I can record the Army game by. Silly me! Thanks Dave, mission accomplished!


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