A New Year, some new beginnings

2011 is here and so far, I’m excited about it! First of all, how bout those TCU Horned Frogs huh? How bout doing it for the little guys? What an exciting game. TCU 21, Wisconsin 19.

TCU finished the season undefeated and can honestly say they finished # 2 in the nation and could make a bid on saying they are the best in the land.

While we are on the subject of the best time of year for football, I’m amazed at a couple of coaching stories in progress. It seems ex-Cowboys coach Wade Phillips will be the new defensive coordinator for the Houston Texans.

Of course, I would imagine Head Coach Gary Kubiak has to be offered to come back as the head coach of the Texans before you can decide on a defensive coordinator.

A couple of thoughts here: How can the same source (the Houston Chronicle) have so many different stories about the same subject, and if true, how can Wade Phillips continue to have employment after his Cowboys gig? I mean seriously, after Phillips was fired from the Cowboys, lots came out as to his laizre faire way of treating his players. I’m surprised he didn’t provide limos to practice for his players. If I were an owner, Wade Phillips would be the last person I would let coach my team.

According to ESPN, it now appears Kubiak will return as the Texans’ coach. Look for him to have a short leash in 2011.

Speaking of fired coaches, how do you get hired to coach a major college team, and then get fired 3 weeks later? That’s exactly what happened at the University of Pittsburg yesterday. Head Coach Michael Haywood was dismissed after he was arrested for domestic violence. Here is Pitt’s official word on the matter. Amazing.

Ya’ll remember our ol buddy Chad Gabriel from the Grand Prairie AirHogs? He’s playing down in Australia and he had a big game the other night. Move the slider to the one hour and 57 minute mark to see Chad crush a ball to left field. He will be playing for the El Paso Diablos this year when the league starts again in May here. Good luck Chad.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I am trying to get this blog set up with Amazon so people with readers like Kindle, can access this blog. Neat huh?

So I guess that’s about it for today, I’m gonna go take a nap. Happy New Year again everyone. One last picture of a great day yesterday.


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