If your favorite NFL team is a bird, you lost this weekend

Wow the Ravens, Seahawks, and Falcons all lost this playoff weekend past. Some incredible games for certain. Even the Jets’ win over the Pats was a shocker. So the Jets talked smack, but they were able to back it up. As we say in west Texas, “it ain’t smack talkin if you can back it up.” So give the Jets credit, they won their playoff game against the Pats in the Pats’ backyard. 

But I digress. How do you let a team that is 3rd and 19, with 2:00 to go, not only get a first down, but complete a pass down to your 4 yard line? Incredible.

So there ya have it. The Jets vs. the Steelers for the AFC Championship this weekend, and the Bears vs the Packers for the NFC Championship.

Speaking of the Packers and QB Aaron Rodgers, does he snub a cancer patient trying to get his autograph? See for yourself:


Let’s see how all this goes while my Cowboys sit home and introduce a new defensive coordinator.

So, let’s have a great week and see if we can even come close to predicting who will go to the Super Bowl after this weekend. Have a good one.

Enjoy the music for the day


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