My Interview with Dallas Cowboy Jason Witten

I have to preface this story about my interview with Jason Witten. I have been a die-hard Cowboys fan since they day the came into the league. I have never had the chance to ever do an interview of any kind ever. Never have talked to a Cowboy, (except for Drew Pearson last year at Quick Trip Park). It was such a highlight to be able to talk with Jason on the phone today.

Please bear in mind, I am recounting the conversation from memory, so the actual conversation wasn’t recorded, but I will try and give the best answers from memory I can. He is in Hawaii getting ready for the Pro Bowl.

Me:  Hello Jason, my name is Lew Patton, and I just want to say it’s a tremendous honor meet and talk with you since I am a huge Cowboys fan. I’ll try not to sound too much like a homer while I ask you some questions is that ok?

Witten: That’s fine, it’s always good to talk to Cowboys fans.

Me: Jason, I know that Proctor and Gamble is a huge sponsor of the Pro Bowl there in Hawaii, what are they helping the NFL with there?

Witten: They are working with the Slant 45 program to help kids experience the NFL. It’s a lot fun helping the kids in that regard.

Me: That’s great. I have seen your “I am second” video and I wanted to say congratulations on making your 2nd Pro Bowl. Do you ever think about the possibility of going in to the Hall of Fame?

Witten: To be honest, I never really think about that. The players that are in the Hall of Fame are such great players, I just don’t think about myself in there. I think about just playing today.

Me:  Jason, I know you are from Tennessee, and I have relatives in Tennessee too, what teams did you follow when you were growing up there, and who were some of your favorite players?

Witten:  Well, when I was growing up the Tennessee Titans weren’t there yet, but some of my favorite players were Steve McNair, and when I was in school, I played linebacker. I always admired Junior Seau.

Me:  Do you think there will be a strike next season?

Witten: I sure hope not. Our Union is working with the owners and so hopefully they can get an agreement in place without any stoppage. A strike wouldn’t be good for the fans.

Me:  What needs do the Cowboys have to address in the next draft?

Witten: Well, Jerry is good about handling that, but we have to be able to replace a safety if they leave, just be able to have good players if anyone leaves.

Me:  What do you and your family like to do in the off-season.

Witten:  Well you know, just be a family and hang out together. This Pro Bowl trip to Hawaii is a nice gift to start the off-season with.

Me: Do you think the Cowboys will be able to clear that last hurdle to next year’s Super Bowl With Jason Garrett and his staff with having a full off-season to put his plans in effect?

Witten: Absolutely! Jason Garrett is very organized and meticulous in getting things done. He expects the best from his staff and players and that’s the way it’s going to be.

Me: Do you think the Pro Bowl should be played after the Super Bowl?

Witten: Yes! I’m an old-school kind of guy and I liked the way the Pro Bowl was played before. This format has been in place for two years now, but I like the old way better.

Me: And finally Jason, obviously we would much rather have seen the Cowboys getting ready for Super Bowl XLV, but since the Boys aren’t going to play there, who do yo like the Packers or Steelers?

Witten: Well, the Packers represent the NFC so I have to pull for them, but Pittsburgh has a pretty good defense so I don’t know.

Me: Thanks so much Jason, it was great speaking to you today!


Thanks so much to Rick Chandler at Off the Bench, for this great opportunity to talk to Jason Witten. Thanks also to Brian Manning and Christian Matthews of Taylor’s Strategy for the hook-up, you guys are awesome!


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