Please Support the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund

The Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund’s mission is to assist retired NFL dire need players who are pioneers of the game and have greatly contributed to the NFL’s status as the most popular sport in America. GGAF provides hands-on assistance to help retired players and their families deal with hardships they face after football. The services include medical assistance, financial assistance for utilities, medication, food, automotive payments and childcare.

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Retired NFL Player Stories

The stories are many. The stories are sad. Some stories have hope. The stories are all heard and addressed by the GGAF office. Some stories lead to good news, good endings, good results, progress and success.

In just a few years, the GGAF has given over $2,000,000 in grants and medical assistance to retired NFL players.

The requests and needs continue to come in from retired NFL players asking for guidance and assistance. More work needs to be done. More awareness needs to be made. More monies need to be raised.

And the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund is there for these retired Gridiron Greats.

Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund is making a difference. Here are some examples:

• William “Fridge” Perry, the legendary former Chicago Bears star, needed medical and financial assistance with his fight to battle Guillain-Barr Syndrome. GGAF has assisted with medical expenses and secured his treatment and rehabilitation through a pro-bono medical facility.

• Dwight Harrison NFL player for 11 years with the Broncos, Bills, Colts, Raiders lives in a FEMA trailer with no running water. Suffers from head injuries and post-concussion syndrome—short term memory, inability to concentrate/focus, severe depression. GGAF has provided funds for utilities, food and basic needs.

• A former Green Bay Packer, from the Lombardi era, received financial aid to funeral expenses for the sudden passing of his wife.

• Former San Diego Charger, homeless and living in his automobile, dealing with many medical and social issues. GGAF provided  funds and assistance in securing temporary shelter.

• A former Chicago Bear received funds to assist with expenses for care needed while suffering from dementia.

• In dire need, a retired Jacksonville Jaguar received financial aid for food, living expenses, medicine and health care.  GGAF also secured from a private donor, a vehicle for basic transportation.

• A retired player from the Buffalo Bills received funds for medicine, food and clothing.  GGAF also placed him in a detoxification program to assist with addiction to pain killers and GGAF assisted in securing placement with a pain management physician.

• A former Philadelphia Eagle who played in the 1990’s and is too injured to work, and receives no disability, was provided with funds for his utilities and other other financial assistance.

• A retired player from the New England Patriot who cannot work due to medical conditions was assisted with rent payments, utilities and food.

• Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer who played from 1990-1993 is severely injured, unemployed due to health, was provided with rent, utilities and food.

• A retired player with the Minnesota Vikings suffering from brain damage due to concussions, was provided with funds for mortgage payments, and monies for dental needs.

• Former running back with the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a kidney transplant. His friend/former teammate donated one of his kidneys. He slipped into a coma while having an operation performed and was provided with funds for medical insurance, shelter, and utilities.

• A retired defensive end who played 11 years with the Redskins, Cardinals, and Buccaneers had suffered many head injuries while playing. He underwent brain surgery and is now experiencing isolated memory loss. GGAF has provided funds for shelter and medical bills

• A former wide receiver with the Pittsburgh Steelers was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis aka Walter Payton’s disease and needs a liver transplant. He suffers from anxiety and depression and has been unable to work. GGAF has provided funds for medical care shelter, food, utilities and basic needs.

• A retired offensive guard who played 10 years with the Oakland Raiders suffers from Dementia as well as a myriad of medical problems including orthopedic, kidney issues. Skyrocketing medical costs and his need to be in an assisted living facility has caused a huge hardship on his family. GGAF has provided funds for shelter, medical insurance premiums and utility bills.


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