Video: UNI’s “interlude dance” sets Caucasian Rhythm movement back 20 years

From Off the Bench


by Rob Sylvester

We’re sure the University of Northern Iowa is a fine place, a valued institution of learning where the young men and women of the wind-swept Plains plan for future careers in business, finance, and high-tech chicken farming. What it’s not is a haven of talented young dancers, as seen by the accompanying video of the campus’ newest tradition during men’s basketball games– the “interlude dance.” Oh god no, they’re trying to do the robot in unison. It’s worse than we thought.

In all seriousness it looks like they’re having fun, which, snarky blog judgments aside, is really what matters. It probably goes on for about 60 seconds too long, but watching the handfuls of non-dancers dispersed throughout the student section scan the scene with a “no really, I don’t know these people” look is worth all of it. Not to mention the whole thing is set some dance beat that sounds like a watered-down “Da Rude,” to this techno-neophyte. They’re about 1500 glow sticks away from the nerdiest rave in history.

However, considering the Panthers pulled out a 71-66 victory over NCAA Tournament mainstay Creighton in the game shown, the students may just be on to something. Whether it distracts the opponent through its earnest hilarity or motivates the UNI squad to do something on the court more memorable than their dork classmates are doing in the stands, it appears to be working. Don’t stop the music!

And hey, if this thing should happen to sweep the nation, it’s at least better than “the Macarena.” I’m pretty sure I even saw 3 or 4 people staying on the beat out there.


UNI Interlude Dance vs Creighton [YouTube]



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2 responses to “Video: UNI’s “interlude dance” sets Caucasian Rhythm movement back 20 years

  1. hawksrule1

    Hey Lewie……It’s a great school, highly respected, a great place to go to college…….Spent my first two years of college there. del

  2. lewp

    I thought that was your school. Looks like they were having a good time, plus they won the game…

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