Let ’em play says NFL Union

It appears CBS has refuseses to air a commercial that addresses the stalled contract talks between the NFL owners and players.

The 60-second commercial was set to air once Saturday after the 2 p.m. kickoff of the players’ All-Star game on CBS’ College Sports Network — the day before the Super Bowl.

CBS is one of four networks that combined to pay the league $4 billion a year for television rights to air the game, and union officials have implied the ad was yanked because of the networks’ ties to the NFL.

“We’re totally annoyed and irritated that we’re not allowed to use the time we’ve been allotted during the game,” George Atallah, assistant executive director of the players’ union, told the New York Post of the ad, which he was informed wouldn’t run because of “the content.”

Company insiders told the Post that CBS’ executives decided to reject the spot — estimated to cost about $60,000 — because it “crossed the line of fairness.” A source said the channel was nervous about having to “air the owners’ views as well as the players.”

Well, that certainly looked controversial.

CBS refuses to run NFL player Union Ad (The Hollywood Reporter)


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