Media Day at the Super Bowl and Traffic

Media day is a circus I would imagine.

For many north Texans, we couldn’t get out to go to work, but somehow, there was no problems for the Packers and Steelers to get to Media Day at Cowboys Stadium today. In fact, some people say the highway department made sure they got there:

Sportscaster and Dallas Cowboys legend Daryl “Moose” Johnston lives near downtown Dallas, but on Tuesday morning he took Texas 183 on his way to Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, where he was scheduled to appear for Super Bowl media day. Johnston could have taken Interstate 30, but he figured Texas 183 would be de-iced in Irving, near where the Green Bay Packers are staying for the Super Bowl.

He figured wrong.

“It was bad. People were sliding around. It’s as bad as I’ve seen it here,” Johnston said during Super Bowl media day at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. “I’m from Buffalo. I have no problem with my own ability to drive in bad weather. But I worry about the other people who don’t.”

As three inches of ice and snow blanketed Dallas-Fort Worth Tuesday morning, and temperatures dropped into the teens by mid-morning, traffic slid and slammed to a halt across the region. About the only road where ice wasn’t grinding traffic to a halt was I-30 between Fort Worth and Dallas — which happens to be the main road both the Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers used to get from their hotels in downtown Fort Worth and Las Colinas to get to media day in Arlington.

Is TxDot playing favorites for the Super Bowl? (Star Telegram)


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