NFL Notes for 2-4-11

NFL teams could soon dump playbooks for iPads?

NFL teams including the Dallas Cowboys could soon be abandoning their traditional paper playbooks and game-day printouts of plays in favor of iPads or other tablets. Pete Walsh, head of technology for the Cowboys, said his team and at least a “couple” of others are currently considering abandoning their playbooks in favor of iPads, a move they feel could save them as much as 5,000 pages of paper printouts per game. Walsh explained this potential philosophical and technological shift to CNET during a discussion about Cowboys Stadium technology at Super Bowl Media Day here Tuesday. The stadium will play host on Sunday to Super Bowl XLV between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. For tech-friendly sports fans, it’s an appealing image–coaches and players sitting on the sidelines of the giant Cowboys Stadium, iPads in hand, studying likely plays for the next few series, or sifting through overhead photos of the last plays in order to assess their performance, or that of their opponents. Still, it’s also a bit difficult to imagine old-school NFL coaches agreeing to carry around a shiny gadget like an iPad instead of their trusty playbooks–or reviewing glossy color photos on the 9.7-inch screen rather than shuffling through paper printouts of the last passing play. One can imagine such coaches agreeing to hand over their playbooks only through tightly gritted teeth. But Walsh suggested that this migration could well be coming, though he didn’t say how long it would be before we see football pros stalking the sidelines with tablets. –CNET News

Steelers player has gone from homeless to Super Bowl

The biggest stage in sports won’t faze Pittsburgh Steelers rookie receiver Antonio Brown. That is because of what it took for him to get to Super Bowl XLV. Brown is not only a former walk-on at Central Michigan; the guy who has given the offense a jolt during the past month was homeless for a couple of months as a 16-year-old. “I’ve been fighting for my life before and sleeping in cars and trying to find a place to lay my head,” Brown said. “I’ve had situations where I’ve had nowhere to go. This is the easy part. I overcame life.” Brown, who has turned in two of the biggest catches of the postseason, arguably has come further than anyone who will suit up for Sunday’s game. He grew up in a rough section of Miami, and, while he was in high school, his mother married. Brown didn’t get along with his stepfather. “There came a point where my mom had to make a decision, and it was best for me to go,” Brown said. “I wanted her to be happy, and as a young man I had to spread my wings and fly myself.” — Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Eagles Michael Vick changes party plans after TMZ report

There are certain things Michael Vick cannot do anymore. One, for the time being, is own a dog. Another is be the life of the party. On Thursday morning, news broke that Vick was going to “host” a Super Bowl bash at a club in Dallas on Friday night. An invitation, shown on the website, touted “The Michael Vick Experience,” and read, in part, “Four-time Pro Bowl QB Michael Vick would like to personally invite you to the only upscale A-list celebrity extravaganza of the 2011 Super Bowl. This will be the primary & preferred destination for iconic personalities from the NFL, MLB, Hollywood, the music industry and corporate America!” Except Vick will not be there. An Eagles spokesman confirmed that Vick told him as much on Thursday afternoon. As for whether the Eagles knew about such a party before Thursday, the spokesman would not say. The team had no further comment. Earlier Thursday, reported that the owner of Deux Lounge, the club hosting the event, said that there would be increased security at the event provided by Vick, the NFL, and the club, including three off-duty members of a SWAT team. It is possible that Vick did not know about any event, that an invitation using his likeness in what appears to be an Eagles uniform was designed without his approval. — Philadelphia Inquirer

NFL broadcaster plans one-man Las Vegas show

At 62, Fox Sports Terry Bradshaw has planned for retirement. While he’s working on a one-man Las Vegas show — “it will take me about a year to learn it” — he’s also “downsized everything I do by 75%, just in case.” — USA Today

NFL owner makes witty cameo in successful apparel ads

Well, who says Dan Snyder can’t laugh at himself! If you blinked, you may have missed the Redskins owner’s witty but uncredited three-second cameo in a national TV ad. The setup: A quick montage of feuding couples. Midway through, a blond woman in a fancy restaurant throws a football jersey across the table at a dark-haired man and stomps off in disgust. Huh? May take a couple viewings to figure out, but it’s an ad for the NFL’s line of cutely tailored, lady-size jerseys; the angry women are annoyed that their men have given them big, bulky man-cut jerseys. Yes, that’s Tanya Snyder, and yes, that is Dan. Snyder is the only owner featured in the ad, which is otherwise populated with players or coaches and their wives. (And yes, Alyssa Milano at the very end.) An NFL rep said the ad won’t get a Super Bowl slot but is still on the air; sales stemming from the campaign have “outperformed expectations.”

Sharpest wiseguys in Las Vegas have been playing Super Bowl prop bet

Coin Flip (-101 each way)
* 44 Super Bowls. Heads 22 times; Tails 22 times!
* NFC has won an amazing 13 straight coin flips (the odds of happening: 8,192 to 1)

What color Gatorade dumped on winning coach?
Yellow +$150
Clear +$220
Orange +$300
Red +$500
Lime +$600
Blue +$1000

* Neither BLUE nor RED Gatorade has been poured on the winning Super Bowl coach in the last 10 years.
* Typically the conference championship game celebration gives a hint of what color a team will use in the Super Bowl. This year, neither the Packers nor the Steelers poured upon the winning coach, due to the extremely cold weather at the games.

Rodgers +$150
Roethlisberger +$350
Mendenhall +$800
(no other players is better than +$1200)

* In 44 Super Bowls, the MVP has been a quarterback 23 times, a defensive player 8 times, and from the losing team 1 time.

National Anthem – How long to sing by Christina Aguirlera (over/under 1:54)
* SEVEN versions of Aguilera singing the national anthem have been found on YouTube. The longest is 1:54 – the other six have taken LESS time.

Total Points in 1st Quarter (over/under = 8.5 points)
* NO touchdown has been scored in the 1st quarter in 7 of the last 9 Super Bowls

Will there be OVERTIME? (NO = -1100, YES = +800)
* No Super Bowl has ever gone into overtime. Approximately 6% of NFL games go into OT, meaning the true YES price should by -1700)

Big Bet Alert: The sharpest wiseguys in Las Vegas have been playing OVER on Pittsburgh’s Tight End Heath Millers receiving yards – the current over/under is up to 45 yards.

Source: (R.J. Bell)


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