The Snowy Knoll Theory

Good morning from snowed in north Texas, home of Super Bowl XLV.

Does anyone remember the 70 degree temperature here last week?

The mood was excellent for a Super Bowl. The Super Bowl teams arrived and not 60 minutes later, we all were iced/snowed in here and it hasn’t let up yet.  Not to worry saith the weather people, 50’s on Saturday and near 60 for Super Bowl Sunday. I call bull! After another 2-4 inches of overnight snow, now the weather gurus are saying 40’s for the Super Bowl.

You mean these weather people get paid ultra big bucks and get media passes to the Super Bowl, and are just as good as I am at predicting the weather? Pashaaa!

Did Jerry Jones and the NFL coerce the weather people to say it’s all ok, come on to Texas and spend money? It’s a theory.

1 to 6 inches of Dallas snow makes dangerous drive (Fox 4 News)


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