Sunday night appreciation

Have you ever just stopped and get caught in a moment of appreciation?

I don’t want to sound fake or goofy, but I am so thankful and appreciative for my life and how things are in my life at this moment. I am certainly thankful I feel well, my health, and I certainly know feeling good and good health is not automatic.

I’m thankful I have a job and can pay my bills.

I’m thankful I’m going to college. Even though it’s late in life, I love going to class.

I just had a magnificent spaghetti dinner with the best salad ever. jalapeno bread and a nice glass of wine. What could be better. Thank you Lord.

I have Sirrus radio and can now hear some great music again. Thanks!

Thank you all for reading my blog. I hope you enjoy it. As I read the other day, you can’t control the length of your life, but you can control the depth and the width of it. Isn’t that a profound way to think?

Let me leave you with a great tune…and maybe you love trains too. Thanks for reading my blog. Have a great week!


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