Sometimes, baseball just makes no sense

So you go to bed at night thinking the world will at least stay on its axis until you can wake up the next day. I couldn’t sleep for some reason and got on my computer at 3:30 AM and the news came all the way in from left field. (Pardon the pun)
Rangers’ part owner Chuck Greenberg could resign as early as today? What the Hades??
Reports about him over-stepping his boundaries? What does that mean?
He and Nolan having disagreements? About what?
From Evan Grant’s Column at the Dallas Morning News:
As new owners are prone to do, Greenberg involved himself in every aspect of the organization’s business. He was the lead voice on the $13 million scoreboard renovation project. He was involved in all the meetings with free agent Cliff
Lee, including a last-minute junket to Little Rock, Ark., to make a third sales pitch even after Ryan and GM Jon Daniels decided to pass.  He hired a slew of vice presidents and executives, all of whom held job descriptions that seemed to
be part and parcel of a traditional CEO’s responsibilities. And, at least according to one story, he may have effectively killed a deal the team had for disgruntled star Michael Young by demanding Young give up the interest on the deferred money in his contract order to facilitate a trade. Such a concession
essentially would constitute devaluing a contract and runs against the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
So the bottom line sounds like Greenberg was thrust in to a CEO role without really having the clout to be the CEO. It’s like me saying I chipped in $50.00 to be part-owner of the Rangers and trying to make big league decisions and the other owners getting together to say they didn’t need my services any longer. I guess that’s what happens when you have several owners putting up lots of money for a billion dollar franchise. Interesting. I’m going back to bed.


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