Oh how sweet it tis!

From Rick Chandler’s Xanga Blog

Redmond, WA — Poised to rocket ahead in the standings if either Duke or
Wisconsin won their respective Sweet 16 showdowns on Thursday, Alex
showed little emotion as both teams were soundly defeated,
effectively ending his chances at finishing in the money. Telling his wife that
he was going to “take a quick bath,” Valdes stopped briefly in the kitchen to
retrieve what his family thought was a bar of soap. This would be a sad scene,
except for the flowers, which are a nice touch.

Several other participants set their pool fortunes to “dark” on Thursday,
but all is not lost. There are 29 people who can
still win it all
, plus many others still eligible to finish in the money
(second or third place). Be particularly wary of Jerry DuPuis
and Teri Guida, who are the only two who picked Arizona to go
all the way. They could spell trouble for Lew Patton, the
Dallas resident who — like the Texas cattle barons of old — owns three
brackets in the top four, refusing to let anyone else graze on his land. Of
course Patton’s beloved Texas Rangers were roundly spanked in the World Series
this past fall by a team which will remain nameless, and is out for revenge.


Standings here.


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