Michelle Cline protests Pool scoring system


Police were summoned to the usually quiet suburban neighborhood of Boring, Ore. on Sunday as Michelle Cline climbed atop a basketball pole and refused to come down. Cline is protesting her elimination from the Times-Tribune NCAA Basketball Pool, where she he had been in the running for first place until this weekend. Losses by Arizona on Saturday and North Carolina on Sunday ended her dream of first place, and one day owning a dishwasher. Now she can finish no better than 12th … far out of the money.

“The scoring system is unfair to women,” Cline told officers. She noted
that Michelle Nolan, also a woman, has never won the Pool in 25
tries. When police tried to explain the technical problems with that statement, they were met with a barrage of expletives and empty beer cans. Cline states that an early-round matchup, listed on the bracket as “Louisville vs. M’head State’, was confusing. “I tried to look up “M’head State,” but kept getting porn,” she said. “Finally in frustration I clicked on Louisville, because Pitino is dreamy. It’s not fair; those extra points would have me in first place

Police, weary of her ranting, eventually shot Cline with a tranquilizer
dart and caught her in a net. She will be airlifted further back into the

Meanwhile, Lew Patton continues to hold on to the two top
spots going into The Final Four. Patton is attempting an unprecedented 1-2
finish, but needs Kentucky to beat UConn, and then VCU or Butler to win the
title game. Also with a chance to win it all: Bryan Streit
(needs UConn to beat Kentucky, then VCU or Butler to win title game);
Nick Hardin (needs UConn to win title game) and Sean
(needs Kentucky to win title game). There are a handful of
others with chances to finish in the money (second or third), including
Ali DeFreitas, currently in 17th place.

Here are the standings. Good luck to all. All decisions by the
Pool Commissioner are final. No weeping or begging.

From Rick Chandler’s Blog


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