Oh boy, there’s going to be an NFL draft

Yes folks, tomorrow there will indeed be an NFL draft, even though who knows if there will be a season that football due to labor talks.

USC tackle Tyron Smith, left, has plenty of upside — some mock pickers have him going in the Top 10, perhaps as the Dallas Cowboys’ next insurance policy for Tony Romo. Auburn quarterback Cam Newton has some nagging downside — does his inexperience make him a one-hit college wonder, or will the Carolina Panthers go ahead and make him the No. 1 overall pick because they have no faith in Jimmy Clausen? And then there’s Marcell Dareus, the 6-foot-3, 319-pound defensive tackle out of Alabama who can knock just anyone sideways. Will he be available for the Denver Broncos at No. 2? The NFL might be buried in labor talks, but there are plenty of ESPN and NFL Network analysts laboring over their big boards, minute by minute, changing things around as they try to second- and third-guess the real GMs who will make the official selections in prime time. Again, the proceedings are spread over three days, with 3 1/2 hours allotted for the first round. The second and third rounds are Friday (ESPN2, NFL Network at 5 p.m.) with rounds 4-7 on Saturday (ESPN and NFL Network, 9 a.m.)


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