Mark Cuban is still irritated at media types et al

Even though the Mavericks disposed of Portland last night, there is an underlying disturbance with owner Mark Cuban. He hates the media, that is, if he doesn’t own it.

The Portland Tribune sought more details regarding the incident from Cuban in a pre-game interview before Game 5 but all the paper received was a string of profanities. The newspaper’s writer, Kerry Eggers, notes that Cuban delivered the profanity “with a wild look in his eyes.”

“What the (expletive) does it matter?” he asked. “Does it make a damn bit of difference at this point?”

“Well, I …” I began.

“Does it make a damn bit of difference at this point?” Cuban repeated.

“You sound irritated by it,” I said.

“Yeah, because it’s a dumb-ass question,” he said. “What’s the point of bringing it up? Are you going to go find somebody? Are you going to hunt the person down? … Ask me a real question.”

Eggers notes that Cuban later apologized, explaining that he was tired of the same recycled questions.

“It’s just the same ol’ (expletive) over and over,” he said. “The same thing comes up, the same bit of (expletive). So I apologize for being a jerk, but at least have some respect. Not repetitive, asking the same stuff over and over. That stuff’s been asked 50 times.”

Cuban has made no secret of his disdain for the media recently, comparing internet reporters to heroin junkies and threatening to revoke access to his team.

Way to go Mark. You keep being professional.



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2 responses to “Mark Cuban is still irritated at media types et al

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  2. medtxpack

    hate on Cuban all you want but he makes (expletive) interesting…
    and ya i would be annoyed to if the same ol questions were being asked. dont reporters talk to one aonther!?

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