The Baltimore Ravens need Judge Judy

If I’m the Baltimore Ravens this morning, I would be sooooo mad with the NFL for lack of support. In today’s world of contracts, this NFL draft should be a cover story on verbal agreements and Judge Judy should be called in to investigate and make a ruling.

The Ravens were trying to get a fourth-round pick that was part of an
uncompleted trade with the Chicago Bears that caused the clock to run out on the Ravens with the 26th overall pick. The Ravens still were able to get their targeted player in Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith at No. 27, but they were supposed to get an additional pick from the Bears if a trade had been finalized.

“There has been some dialogue between the Ravens, the other organization and the league,” Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome said before ESPN’s report came out Friday night. “I’ll just have to leave it at that. Where it’s going to go, we don’t know. But there has been some dialogue.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, the NFL was “looking into” what happened with the trade, which would have moved Chicago to No. 26 and dropped the Ravens to No. 29.

Reached later Friday afternoon, league spokesman Greg Aiello said in an email: “We have no further comment on the matter at this time.”
On Thursday night, a league source said Newsome had contacted the NFL with three minutes remaining to inform the league that the Ravens were trading their first-round pick (No. 26) for the Bears’ picks in the first (29th) and fourth rounds. But Chicago failed to talk to the NFL during that time (the league needs both teams to confirm a trade), causing the Chiefs to
jump ahead of the Ravens.

“It was our fault,” Bears general manager Jerry Angelo told reporters Thursday night. “They did everything according to the rules. … We had a disconnect. Whatever you hear, Baltimore did everything right.”

Chicago reportedly wanted Wisconsin offensive lineman Gabe Carimi
and thought it had to move ahead of the Chiefs to draft him. The Bears still got Carimi with the 29th pick, but they didn’t have to give up a fourth-round pick to get him.

Because of the Bears’ mistake, Newsome told the league that
the Ravens deserved the fourth-round pick, a source said. But the NFL initially denied the request.

So there you have it. The Bears made a mistake, and it could have really been costly to the Ravens, and they still don’t want to “man-up” and pay for their mistake. I’m surprised at the league’s position on this as well. Sure, the Ravens got who they wanted but that’s not the point here. It sets a bad precedence on the way draft day procedures go, and it should be corrected before it really proves costly.


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