The Jose Cuervo Games are upon us

It’s that time of year where we celebrate Cinco De Mayo, and congrats to everyone about that, but I actually won’t begin celebrating Cinco de Mayo until the 6th of May. I guess that would be the Seis y Mayo?

At any rate, I’ll be flying out to the Cuervo Games in Scottsdale Arizona to capture the goings on and celebrations there. Here is the backdrop for the games:

What are the CuervoGames?

CuervoGames is a platform of brand communications centered around a multi-city tour featuring a series of exhilarating, competitive physical challenges.  The Games provide entertainment for participants and audiences alike while bringing legal drinking age consumers together. The competition features amateur athletes from local markets who register via JoseCuervo’s Facebook channel or on site at the event. The winning team from each local market will win a spot in the national finals to compete for a chance to win the national title.


Why is Jose Cuervo doing this?

For over 250 years, Jose Cuervo tequila has always been associated with legendary, fun times.  With this program, the brand will create a unique, immersive experience that brings that fun, high-energy persona to life.

What will the Cuervo Games look like?

Jose Cuervo will transform select city streets and event locations into an extreme challenge / x-games-style environment with the look and feel of a traditional Mexican Zocalo (street festival).

What are the Cuervo Games events?

The competition is made up of four physical challenges that include:

1.      Waterfall Climb
One team member attempts to scale a 30 foot high rock wall while water pours down from above, trying to spot them. It’s gonna get wet!

2.      Agave Gauntlet
One team member battles their way through an obstacle course complete with a rope swing, a climbing wall and waterfall slide. Welcome to the jungle!

3.      Barrel Roll
One team member navigates a 25 foot high pyramid while inflatable oak barrels rain down the face of the pyramid. Look out but don’t look down.

4.      Highwire Harvest
Strapped into harnesses, you climb a 35 foot military ropes course and try to pluck as many agave ‘pinas’ as you can. It won’t be pluckin’ easy.

How will the competition play out?

Teams of four will register on Facebook or in-person at the Saturday events.  The first 40 teams to register will be guaranteed a spot.  The 40 teams will participate in the qualifying round, wherethey’ll participate in a series of four challenges.  From there, 8 qualifying teams go head-to-head in the finals round to determine the Cuervo Games winner.  The winning team will win an automatic slot in and trip to the Cuervo Games finals.

How do contestants register for the Cuervo Games?

Contestants register online at the Cuervo Facebook page or on-site at the events.  Attendance at the Games, either as a participant of a spectator, is free.

Who is eligible to participate?

Adults 21 and over can participate on the teams of four.

What cities will the Cuervo Games travel to?

This year, the Cuervo Games will visit Scottsdale, Dallas,St. Petersburg, Atlanta, Denver and Chicago, among others.

Where can I find more information?

For more information regarding Cuervo Games, visit the Cuervo Facebook page at

And here are some photos from last year’s competition:


Wish me luck!


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