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Dallas Mavs burn the Lakers in Game 2

Wow, how bout those Mavs?

Who would have thought the Mavericks would come home to a 2-0 lead? I bet some folks are losing serious bets today…

And can Ron Artest be any more goofy? Trying to clothesline my man Barea?? Can’t wait for Friday night. Welcome to the HOuse!


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Was there a dog in the Bin Laden raid?

All kinds of speculation about the raid on Bin Laden’s place and what all happened. New reports (rumors) suggest there probably was a dog involved with all of this.

According to the New York Times and the British tabloid The Sun, a military dog (not pictured) was strapped onto one of the assault team members as he was lowered out of a Black Hawk helicopter and began the operation that killed the notorious terrorist on Monday. But who is this canine hero?

Sadly, we know very little, and the Pentagon has yet to confirm that a dog was even on the mission, much less release information about the canine’s name or breed.

“Little is known about what may be the nation’s most courageous dog,” the Times’ Gardner Harris writes. He speculates that the dog was most likely a German shepherd or a Belgian Malinois, since those are the breeds most often found in the military’s 2,700-strong military dog program. (A new breed, however, is becoming popular with the troops. Labrador retrievers have begun to “wander off-leash 100 yards or more in front of patrols to ensure the safety of the route.”)

One thing we do know about this operation if there was a dog in on this action: Michael Vick probably wasn’t invited.

Intense interest surrounds dog who may have participated in bin Laden Raid

(Yahoo News)

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