A new season, a new attitude for the AirHogs

Last night, I had the opportunity of going to the “meet and greet” for the new Grand Prairie AirHogs baseball team called the “Taste of QuikTrip Park”. It was a great way to indeed meet the new team. I was very much impressed.

There is a ton of excitement already about just how good this team might be.

I had a chance to hear new manager Ricky VanAsselberg describe his expectations for this year:

I hit it off with Ricky right off due to his south Louisiana roots, and I have to tell you, this guy is successful, having coached for 6 years and having 5 championships under his belt. I got the feeling we are in store for lots of fun at QuickTrip Park this year.

I had a chance to meet some players. Only four players remain from last year’s roster: Greg Porter, David Espinoza, Danny Jordan, and Marcus Salmon. When I spoke to Porter I asked him what he saw as the biggest difference between this roster and last year’s and he said “this team is more mature.” I took that to mean this team was more serious about winning and at least that was my impression. I had only been at the park for just an hour and had learned that Chris Garcia (Infielder) had already been called up by the Atlanta Braves. Whatever you think about the minor leagues, the ultimate goal for a player here is to “make the show”. Get that call for the major leagues.

In speaking to these players, even though some had only been here a few days, there was an air of a winning attitude already. I thought to myself this looks much different than last year. It looks like everyone is on the same page.

I heard the phrase “Teamwork, makes dreams work.” Wow, how’s that for a new attitude? Lots of these players are from AA and AAA minor league teams and Greg Smith was on the Colorado Rockies team last year as a pitcher.

There was also some big news about the games and promotions out at the park this year. On 6/24 the San Diego Chicken will be out at the park. I wonder how he and Ace Bacon will get along?

There is also going to be an AirHogs Officer Club which means you pay 40.00 and get all you can eat and drink the rest of the night, in a suite I think, but I will get clarification on the suite part.

There is going to be a new food court kind of set up this year with vendors from Texas Skillet, Pizzaiolo’s Italian food, Snoball Corral (shaved ice), and Flores Fajitas Mexican food, to go along with the QT Stores site.

All in all, I was very, very impressed and looking forward to a great new season of AirHogs baseball. Ya’ll all better come on out and jump on the bandwagon. This team is going places!


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