The start of the Jose Cuervo Wars

Well, it’s not really a war at all. Quite the contrary. Myself, and the rest of my team descended down upon Scottsdale to get prepared for the Cuervo Games tomorrow and we started by going to dinner at El Hefe. Great restaurant, great food, and the music and the sound system made me think my head was pounding, as if a precursor to a major headache, but my head didn’t hurt.
Welcome to the Cuervo Games.
My team mates, Jacqui, Kellie, Jenna, and Amanda were getting our Margarita challenge on, and it was a night of extreme challenges of Cuervo drinks. Oddly enough during the competition on Saturday, there is no Cuervo allowed, so we had to represent at this point.
There was even the representatives from Jose Cuervo there for some PR, which I sort of wanted to get her autograph.
I can’t wait until Saturday and see what happens when the games begin! Stay tuned!

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