Recapping the Cuervo games

One word. Fantastic!

The Cuervo Games for 2011 started in Scottsdale Arizona, and it was a blast!

I really needed a weekend like this. A chance to get away and play for a change. Huge kudos to a few folks The awesome team from Taylor Strategy, Maxim, and of course, Jose Cuervo for putting this all together and for sending us media types to cover the games.

I got in to Scottsdale at about 5:00 Friday afternoon and met Kellie and Jenna, and all the rest of my team mates at a dinner that evening at El Hefa.

The food was great, the drinks were great, but most importantly, the people were great. The whole town was celebrating Cinco De Mayo en mass. It was one of those things where everything just fit together.

The temperature Saturday was a pleasant 102 degrees but it was a dry heat. (How many times have we heard that?)

We media types were able to play around with the event stuff and I have to say it was all pretty challenging. The eight teams that won here in Scottsdale will move on to the next competition in Dallas in two weeks.

It was a great place to network, have fun, and have some great food and drinks. I was amazed at how many participants and media types were at this event. I’m going to estimate a thousand or so folks.

There were ladies from Maxim magazine shaking a tumbler to make margaritas and got prizes for the best shaken, shook, put-together margarita.

Off the chain fun.

Join us in two weeks when they come to Dallas and see how the teams do there.

UPDATE::::: From Amanda Lawson’s Blog


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