Ron Washington credits win to watching Seinfeld

So let’s say you manage a Major League Baseball team and two of your top hitters are on the DL. Your team is going through a little slump at the plate. What do you do?

In the case of Ron Washington, you just go watch a rerun of Seinfeld, and get new ideas about the game. Washington credits his lineup change to Seinfeld yesterday as the Rangers defeated the Oakland A’s 7-2.

Washington said he got the idea to change the lineup
while watching a “Seinfeld” rerun on Monday night.

“We got on base 18 times,” the manager said. “Michael was
huge. Beltre was huge with a two-run bomb.”

Will he come back with the same order for Wednesday’s
series finale?

“I’ll see when I’m watching ‘Seinfeld’,” Washington

Pretty good huh? What if Seinfeld reruns don’t work in the future? Maybe Ron can check out Walker, Texas Ranger?

Lewis, Beltre lead Rangers past Athletics 7-2 (DMN)


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