Updated CuervoGames Schedule

Updated Cuervo Games schedule

Dallas- Saturday, May 21st

7:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m.

Gilley’s Dallas

1135 South Lamar Street

Tampa-Saturday, June 18th

7:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. YBor City

7th Ave and 14th Street

Maxim, the global multimedia lifestyle brand for young men, and Jose Cuervo, the authority in tequila for over 250 years, have announced plans to host the most epic parties of the year – the CuervoGames.  Launched in 2010, CuervoGames is a series of live, physical challenges where teams of four participate in gladiator-style competitions for a chance to advance to the finals. Challenges include a labyrinth of physical obstacles, ridiculous pitfalls, intense dares, spectacular wipeouts, and more.

Maxim is adding a brand new element to the festivities this year- a live runway style competition with local Hometown Hotties. The winner of the pageant-like competition will jump to the next round of the national Hometown Hotties search for her chance at winning the title later this year.

Consumers can register for the Games, check out team standings and see where the tour is headed next on Facebook (www.facebook.com/cuervo) and at www.CuervoGames.com.

CuervoGames will feature free live performances by The Madden Brothers of Good Charlotte in Scottsdale, LMFAO in Dallas, with an additional live performance in Tampa.



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