Wake up call: Tony Stewart wants a definition of “Boys have at it”

NASCAR seems to be in a state of flux now that they have penalized Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick for a post race altercation on pit road Saturday at Darlington Raceway.

From USAToday:

“If you’re Kyle and Kevin right now and having to pay $25,000, you want to know what’s going to cost you money,” Stewart says. “I think we have a right to know. You want NASCAR to make sure they have the authority. But at the same time,
don’t lead us the impression that you’re turning us loose and all of a sudden start throwing penalties and fines. We understand that’s going to happen but give us the guidelines. Be fair to us and let us know this is what’s acceptable and not. Then maybe with that knowledge, those guys don’t get in that situation Saturday night.”

I have to agree with Tony. If NASCAR has a policy, define what it is, and stick with it. Stop changing in the middle of the race or season. People have to know what the expectation is.


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For security reasons, it’s important to know who is supposed to be there.

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