Wake up call: What have you done for me lately?

I’m not at all a Yankees fan, but this story is much more than that. You all remember Jorge Posada, part of the Steinbrenner machine that has won countless World Series rings in New York? It seems that old man time has caught Jorge like he eventually does with us all.

After being dropped to the No. 9 spot in the lineup, the struggling Jorge  went into manager Joe Girardi’s office and asked out of Saturday’s lineup.

After the game, Posada said that he was dealing with back stiffness and told
Girardi that he needed a day to “clear his head.”

“The conversation was really short,” Girardi said. “He came into my office
and said he needed a day, he couldn’t DH today. That was basically the extent of the conversation.”

“I told him I couldn’t play today and that I needed time to, first to clear my head,” Posada said after the Yankees’ 6-0 loss to the Red Sox. “That was it. My back stiffened up a little bit. I was taking a lot of ground balls at first base and worked out and I wasn’t 100 percent.”

It gets worse.

Girardi said Posada never mentioned the back injury to him.

And if that weren’t bad enough, the situation escalated from there.

With speculation swirling, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman met with reporters in a workroom behind the press box during the third inning to give an update. The GM said Posada was not injured.

So here is a dedicated player that was dropped to last in the batting order because of his average, and he needed some time to adjust to that. The Yankees are thinking they have a right to dock Posada a day’s pay. Here are the numbers:

If the Yankees do fine Posada one day’s pay, that would be $71,978 on his
$13.1 million salary. If a player declines to play two days in a row, he could
be put on the restricted list.

Can you imagine that? Here is a player that has given his all to wear the pinstripes, has done some clutch hitting in some pretty big games, and you are thinking of docking the guy’s pay for one game? Pretty incredible if you ask me.

Then again, how do you tell a player he isn’t producing anymore? Is that a team’s way of saying it’s time to retire? Posada can’t catch anymore so the only thing he has left is to DH, and if you are hitting a buck eighty seven, it’s pretty clear your days are numbered.

Stay tuned for further fireworks.


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