Here come those Okies again

There is a new rivalry with the folks in Oklahoma again. Yes, the Oklahoma City Thunder come sneaking across the river again to try to represent the west in the NBA championship series.

You remember the Okies right? They come down here every year and steal our kids and then turn them against us in the original Red River Shootout as OU battles UT every year. It’s funny how kids go to OU beat UT, then come back to Texas expecting to be Texan again?

The same thing has happened in the pro ranks. The Thunder’s best player is Kevin Durant, and he is a UT alum. That’s the way Oklahoma does things. They come down to Texas, get our players, then brag about how they make a game of it against any Texas team.

If I had my choice of anyone to sweep, it would be the Thunder. Okies, go home.


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