Wake up call: The Giants return to the scene of the crime

Bryan Stow, shown with his children, was severely beaten by two assailants in the parking lost at Dodger Stadium on opening day, March 31

You remember opening day in Major League Baseball right?

The San Francisco Giants were playing the LA Dodgers in LA when Giants fan Bryan Stow was beat up for wearing a Giants jersey?

Well guess what? The Giants are back in LA tonight to start another series with the Dodgers, and this time, there are going to be more police than peanut vendors at the park.

Additionally, this could be the last game that Frank McCourt watches his team plays the Giants as the owner. You remember McCourt right? The guy who said there wasn’t a security problem at Dodger Stadium?

From USA Today:

McCourt, who paid the hotel bills while Stow’s family was in Los Angeles, now might not be able to pay his employees on their next payday, May 30. Major League Baseball is investigating McCourt’s finances; through 22 home games,
Dodgers attendance is down 157,115 from a year ago, the biggest drop in baseball.

The attack has stirred emotions and debate throughout California and baseball as well as an outpouring of support for Stow and his family. To make a donation to the “Support Fund for Bryan Stow” go to ww.SFpcu.org.

Let’s hope tonight’s game is more about baseball than crime.


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