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The difference between a World Series team and the Texas Rangers

I wish I could just embed these videos, but you know, they belong to Major League Baseball and they don’t like to embed their videos, but if you will hit the links you can clearly see the difference on about the same kind of play to end the ball game in each game last night. First, here is the spectacular grab by the Giants Right Fielder Nate Schierholtz :


Now, watch almost the identical play by the Ranger’s Craig Gentry.


Thanks for playing.


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Ugh to the Okies!

Thunder even series with Mavericks 1-1

The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Mavs last night 106-100. It wasn’t pretty.

Did anyone expect Nowitzki to enter the final quarter of Game 2 with more
assists (five) than baskets (three)? Is seven shots entering the fourth quarter
enough for a player of Nowitzki’s magnitude.

Got to get this thing turned around, and in a hurry. Series shifts up I-35 to Oklahoma City.

What you missed last night:

With teachers getting laid off left and right in Texas, you would think our state senators and congress would have better things to do right?

Can you love your significant other this much?

What? No scratching and spitting in baseball?


Be careful! Loose lips sink ships!

Thanks for reading. Here is today’s video.

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