Mavs and Thunder, Back and Forth

So I’m thinking there is a bit with these NBA playoff games. Dallas takes game 1, OKC takes game 2. Dallas takes game 3, and they play game 4 tonight. Guess who I would imagine wins tonight’s game? Game 5 is in Dallas, where I predict Mavericks go up 3 games to 2, then back to OKC for game 6, and back to Dallas for game 7 (if necessary). Anyone see a pattern here? Many people have often thrown out the grassy knoll theory that teams make more money the longer the series lasts. Now I don’t know squat about basketball. I’m a novice as a spectator. But there has been a reason I have never delved into the sport for this many years. One of the reasons is because of just what happened Saturday night in OKC. The Mavs were up at one point by 23 points. I noticed the Mavs were fortunate to win that game by just eaking out a 6 point win. I don’t enjoy games like that. I know, I know, it’s exciting. I get that. But my idea would be why make a fan go through all that? Why not just put 2 minutes on a clock and the last team to score wins?

I almost find it comical at the post game news conference at these games. Everyone makes it sound like they have figured out the secret to plutonium. And then the next game, it’s like that explanation made no sense and the other team compensated for that mistake so may as well not said anything after the prior game.

Oh well. Expect Oklahoma City to win tonight and make it look like the Mavs have no prayer in this series, until Wednesday night.

What you missed last night:

Wait! He didn’t mean to say it! What are the odds we have not heard the last of this story?

Anyone need a house? I wonder if I could rent this?

A new game of Where’s Waldo?

And if you have to call the fire department, make sure everything is good to go.


You think Troy Aikman is asking this? See how I did that?

Thanks for reading my blog. Have a great week and here is today’s video.



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3 responses to “Mavs and Thunder, Back and Forth

  1. Nice blog, Lew! What I have noticed in the NBA is that a team will continually adjust they way they play based on the changes that the other team are throwing at them. Remember in game one of this series, no one defender could defend Dirk. OKC threw almost every player on their team at Dirk and it just didn’t matter. What did the do in game two?? They double teamed him. Although he still scored 29 pts, he wasn’t as effective as in game one and even had some key turnovers due to it. Game 3, OKC tried to double team him again, but this time Dallas had drawn up plays to combat the double team, making sure that key players were in the correct position to receive the ball (since one guy is going to be wide open) and shoot.
    As cliche as it sounds, I honestly think who ever coaches the best, making the best changes to whatever challenges are thrown at them, will win this series.

    Go Mavs!!!

  2. lewp

    Thanks Vance, I appreciate your comments and it makes perfect sense the way you explained it. Maybe Game 3 was the key in sorting this whole series out and the Mavs can go ahead and win this thing! Thanks again for your comments!

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