The Wall Street Journal weighs in on the Dirkness

I saw an article from D Magazine and just had to sort of re-post, or do something to get this story out cause it’s too good to just keep it to myself.

It’s a great article and cements the question of just how good Dirk Nowitzki is and what his place in history will be. Here is a sample from author Jason Gay:

Nowitzki will never be rhapsodized as a silky NBA superstar—his game is too deliberate, methodical, result-driven. When he dribbles, you can practically hear him counting the bounces—1, 2, 3. He doesn’t so much drive the lane as lunge through it, and when he jerks backward for his patented fade-away one-leg jumper, he resembles a camp counselor teetering off a canoe. Though the Dirk shot itself is a beautiful thing—a high, slow crescent that appears to pause and admire itself before plunging through the net—it will never be celebrated like the game’s highflying. Nobody runs a highlight reel of “Tonight’s Most Exciting 16-foot Jumpers.”

I’m sorry D Magazine, I quoted the same text you did, but that was such an awesome quote.

An NBA Voyage to the Heart of Dirk-Ness (WSJ)


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  1. Haha…his shot is definately not pretty to look at, but it sure does the job! 🙂

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