Leave it to humans to ruin a good thing

The Milwaukee Brewers came up with a great idea to get people free tickets to the ball game. Of course we humans had to glutonize (is that a word?) ourselves and attempted to take something innocent and fun, and gorge ourselves.

From Sportress of Blogitude:

The Milwaukee Brewers came up with an awesome promotion, “Where’s Bernie?” and clever little scavenger hunt where 1,400 Bernie Brewer lawn ornaments were scattered across parks throughout the 5-county metro Milwaukee area as well as in parks in Madison, Appleton, and Green Bay. Four hundred of the Bernie Brewers had prizes attached to them in pouches and even better, 100 had even cooler things inside (via the Milwaukee Brewers’ official site):

Each pouch contained Brewers game tickets, and many also included  additional prizes such as certificates for a night in a Miller Park  Suite and game-used memorabilia; and Milwaukee County Parks passes for  golf, water parks, and the Mitchell Park Domes.  In addition, 100 of the  lawn ornaments had been autographed by Brewers players and personnel.

Brilliant, right? Sadly, some jerks were hellbent on selfishly profiting off the promotion, ruining the innocent fun of it all for everybody else. Via WISN:

The treasure hunt was to begin at 5 a.m. Tuesday.  WISN 12 was at  Lincoln Park, where statues were claimed within minutes. Statues at  Bradford Beach were also found and claimed within minutes of the start  of the contest.

Fans on the internet complained this morning that statues were taken  ahead of the 5 a.m. start time. Other fans complained that statues were  being collected and placed on eBay.

One Brewers fan posted a picture on Twitter this morning of the 35 statues she collected.

Bernie Brewer statues have now appeared on eBay for up to $250.

Let that be a lesson for you people. E-bay is the ultimate goal here.

People Suck: Brewers’ ‘Where’s Bernie?’ Promo Ruined By Hoarding, Social Media (Sportress of Blogitude)


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