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Let’s Go Mavericks!

Defeat Pure Evil! Let's go Mavs!


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Random Pics from Memorial Day 2011

It occured to me that I take tons of photos and videos when I’m out and about. These pictures were taken on Memorial Day at the Dallas – Fort Worth National Cemetery. Click on the photo for a better view.

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***Breaking News*** Miami Heat “very disappointed” over Game 2 loss to Mavericks

In breaking news from USAToday, we are learning that the Miami Heat are “very disappointed” at losing Game 2 in Miami the other night.

“First of all, we let one go,” Heat guard Dwyane Wade said. “We let one slip away. We’re a very confident team going into the fourth quarter when we have the lead, whether it’s one point and obviously 15.
But just looking at the film, even watching on my own, just looking at the things you felt we could have done better as a team, the little mistakes we made that they made us pay for.”

I have to wonder if the Miami Heat ever thought that maybe they are too full of themselves? Nah, probably not.

Heat ‘very disappointed’ in late Game 2 collapse (USAToday) 

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One Armed High School Tennis Player Makes State Tournament

From Off the Bench

by Ben Chew


If you’re looking for an inspirational story this weekend, we give you the story of high school tennis player, Jacob Raleigh.

Raleigh played in the Kentucky State High School Tennis Tournament last week and looked like the player that vowed to make it back after disappointment from 2009 tournament. The only difference for the Letcher Central senior was back in 2009, he had two arms.  Now, he was only playing with only one.

Back in 2010, Jacob complained of pain in his left wrist and was taken to a doctor where he found out the dire news:

“It hurt bad,” Jacob says. “It got so bad, I couldn’t even hit.”

Eventually, Rick and Tracy Raleigh took their teenage son to a doctor in Bristol, Va. A tumor was removed from Jacob’s wrist, and samples were sent to be evaluated by experts around the country.

At the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, they came back with one of the more dreadful diagnoses possible: Cancer. Jacob was told he had Epithelioid Sarcoma, a rare soft-tissue cancer that usually strikes young adults.

After that, Jacob had only three decisions to make: amputate the arm, try radiation therapy to improve what it could, or attempt a surgery to replace the tendons in his arms with the ones in his leg. Eventually, Jacob and his family chose the surgery but sadly months later, the cancer returned to the arm.

“He said it looked like I had a reoccurrence,” Jacob said. In early October, Jacob went to the hospital prepared to have his left arm amputated.

Says Rick Raleigh: “When we got there, I told the doctors, ‘Once we do this, it’s gone. Isn’t there anything we can do (short of cutting off the arm)?’ ”

Jacob’s left arm was amputated just below the shoulder on Oct. 21, 2010.”I was scared to death,” he says.

However, the story didn’t end there as Jacob was determined to play his senior season of tennis, even if it was only with one-hand. Jacob started the season as #3 on the team’s singles line-up and won seven out of the nine matches he played. When playing doubles, Jacob and his partner qualified for the state tournament with victories in the regional tournament:

So some seven months after he lost his left arm, after he had to relearn his favorite sport right-handed,

Jacob was in Lexington Thursday fulfilling the vow he’d made to himself as a sophomore.”I’m just excited,” he said before the state tourney match. “It means everything to me to be back here.”

Sadly for Jacob, they lost to Henderson County in the tournament, but for Jacob getting back is impressive on so many levels.


His Left Arm Gone, Letcher Central Tennis Player Makes It Back To State Tournament [Kentucky.com]

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Wake up call: You can’t win ’em all

Well you can’t win every game right? You can’t win every series either. For the first time this season, the Grand Prairie Airhogs lost a series with an opponent.

From Airhogsbaseball.com:

The Grand Prairie AirHogs had runners on base in eight of nine innings on Saturday night, including runners in scoring position in seven frames. However, 13 men were left stranded on the bases and the AirHogs were only 3-for-16 with runners in scoring position, as the St. Paul Saints held on for a 5-4 win in front of 2,495 at QuikTrip Park, clinching the AirHogs’ first series loss of the 2011 season.

I had the chance to catch up with Coach Ricky VanAsselberg after the game and these were his comments:

The AirHogs have just had their 9 game winning streak snapped when this series started with the Saints, and now the AirHogs have lost 2 to these same Saints. Looking forward to a little payback tonight at QuikTrip Park for the last game in this series.

Of course the game was the main attraction this evening, but I think the 2500 fans still had a great time at the park. It always make me smile when I see the young kiddos enjoying themselves at a ballgame. I was able to get some photos of them.

Field of Dreams Little League team for 6-4-2011 at QuikTrip Park

I would imagine these little guys had a blast at the park. It was a big deal for them.

And let’s not forget the Grounds Crew and Sgt. Buddy keeping the field looking so good!

As always, it was a good game, and I had a blast at the old ball park.

After the game there was a fireworks show, and then I sort of captured the mood after it was all over and fans were leaving the park. We fans need to be out at QuikTrip Park every night, to witness things like this: See you there!

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