What’s going on with baseball?


There’s something fishy (no pun intended of course) with this picture. Something is going on with baseball.


From the Sportress of Blogitude:

And the skeptics said Major League Baseball wouldn’t succeed in south Florida.

According to the box score from yesterday’s game, the attendance was 13,208 at Sun Life Stadium for the big matchup between the Florida Marlins and the Milwaukee Brewers, but if this photo courtesy of @saralivingston (via @darrenrovell) is any indication, at least 12,000 of those paid attendees came dressed up as empty red seats. Jebus.

Granted, the weather in Miami yesterday was pretty brutal, topping out at 86 ° with a dew point way up there at 72.4 ° with 80% humidity, but still, these people live in that God forsaken climate year round, so you think they would be used to it. Further, the Marlins are having a pretty solid season up to this point, sitting at 31-26, only 3 games back of the first place Philadelphia Phillies in the NL East. Can you imagine what it would the stands would look like if the team was horrible? It would probably resemble a typical paltry crowd that shows up for a Tampa Bay Rays game, for crying out loud.

An interesting thing may be happening here. Baseball is becoming unpopular? Sweet begeebus!!!! Say that can’t happen!!

My favorite sport is under attack!!


Marlins Mania: This Is How A Standing Room Only Crowd Looks In The Bizarro World (Sportress of Blogitude)



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