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Wake up call: How low can Wade and LeBron go?

This story is going viral, if you will pardon the pun.

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James were caught pretending to be sick and apparently mocking Dirk Nowitzki on camera by channel 11 in Dallas. Nowitzki had a fever above 100 degrees during Game 4, but still managed to lead the Mavericks to a series-tying victory.

Here is the video:

Karma, if you believe in such a thing, came back to get Wade? He injured his hip
early in Game 5 and tried to play through it.

Wow. Pretty bold move guys. At least the Mavs won Game 5 and now are 1 win away from winning this series. I would imagine the Mavs will have the last laugh. Oh, and did I mention karma?



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Have a great day and thanks for reading the blog, Go Mavs!


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NFL, Dallas Cowboys Owner Seek Dismissal of Super Bowl Suit

Something tells me we haven’t heard the last of this.

The National Football League and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones asked a judge  to dismiss a lawsuit over Super Bowl XLV tickets, saying reimbursement offers to  displaced ticket holders were legally adequate.

“These offers were made to be accommodating to the NFL’s valued fans, but in  fact, they exceed the amount to which any of the ticket holders is entitled,”  lawyers for the NFL and Jones said in a court filing today.

I guess I don’t understand the defense that the NFL and Jerry Jones are using. It sounds like they are saying that they replaced the ticket holders expense for the original seats that they purchased.

The fans, seeking to represent other ticket holders in a class-action, or group  suit, accuse the league and Jones of breach of contract, breach of faith and  fair dealing, fraud, deceit and concealment and negligent misrepresentation.
Lawyers for the league and Jones said in an earlier filing that they offered to  pay 3,296 fans a total of $4.5 million to $9.3 million.

“The motion filed by the NFL is nothing more than a Hail Mary pass,” Michael  Avenatti, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, said in a phone interview. “Unfortunately  for them, it is going to land on the ground.”

About 475 fans weren’t  seated and watched the game on video screens. Another 2,821 fans were relocated  to new seats, or were delayed outside the stadium, according to court  papers.

The case is Simms v  Jones, 3:11-cv–00248 U.S. District Court, Northern District of Texas  (Dallas).

It sounds like some fans weren’t even given seats inside of the stadium. What sort of reimbursement is that?

NFL, Dallas Cowboys Owner Seek Dismissal of Super Bowl Suit (SFGate)

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Looks like Jason Garrett’s raise paid off

Yeah, when you get a job like the head coaching job for the Dallas Cowboys, you should be able to get a 4 million dollar home.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett put his house on the market about two weeks ago with none other than agent to the stars Allie Beth Allman.

Also, Rhonda Aikman bought a home in Preston Hollow and Troy quietly put his home on the market.

Two weeks ago we all wondered where the Garrett’s could be going.

To Maplewood, it seems. The Garretts apparently have a contract on a glorious circa 1999 Euro-villa with smooth-as-a-baby’s-butt limestone exteriors, large living and entertaining areas, wide wood planked floors, 11 foot ceilings down, gourmet kitchen with two of just about everything, breakfast room, den, loggia, pool, study, four bedrooms, four and a half baths, 6900 plus square feet, study, sitting room, two bedroom, two bath apartment over the 3 car rear garage, and yes, four fireplaces. Not really pricey, either: listed for $3,795,000.

What is it about millionaires, football, and fireplaces?

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NFL Notes for 2-4-11

NFL teams could soon dump playbooks for iPads?

NFL teams including the Dallas Cowboys could soon be abandoning their traditional paper playbooks and game-day printouts of plays in favor of iPads or other tablets. Pete Walsh, head of technology for the Cowboys, said his team and at least a “couple” of others are currently considering abandoning their playbooks in favor of iPads, a move they feel could save them as much as 5,000 pages of paper printouts per game. Walsh explained this potential philosophical and technological shift to CNET during a discussion about Cowboys Stadium technology at Super Bowl Media Day here Tuesday. The stadium will play host on Sunday to Super Bowl XLV between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. For tech-friendly sports fans, it’s an appealing image–coaches and players sitting on the sidelines of the giant Cowboys Stadium, iPads in hand, studying likely plays for the next few series, or sifting through overhead photos of the last plays in order to assess their performance, or that of their opponents. Still, it’s also a bit difficult to imagine old-school NFL coaches agreeing to carry around a shiny gadget like an iPad instead of their trusty playbooks–or reviewing glossy color photos on the 9.7-inch screen rather than shuffling through paper printouts of the last passing play. One can imagine such coaches agreeing to hand over their playbooks only through tightly gritted teeth. But Walsh suggested that this migration could well be coming, though he didn’t say how long it would be before we see football pros stalking the sidelines with tablets. –CNET News

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Rusty picks the Steelers!

After a moment of indecision on Friday, Rusty, the Star-Telegram’s longhorn steer, chose the Pittsburgh Steelers as his favorite to win the Super Bowl by selecting from two trays of food representing the teams in downtown Fort Worth. Of course, this is the “new” Rusty. Here is a story on the “old” Rusty

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My Interview with Dallas Cowboy Jason Witten

I have to preface this story about my interview with Jason Witten. I have been a die-hard Cowboys fan since they day the came into the league. I have never had the chance to ever do an interview of any kind ever. Never have talked to a Cowboy, (except for Drew Pearson last year at Quick Trip Park). It was such a highlight to be able to talk with Jason on the phone today.

Please bear in mind, I am recounting the conversation from memory, so the actual conversation wasn’t recorded, but I will try and give the best answers from memory I can. He is in Hawaii getting ready for the Pro Bowl.

Me:  Hello Jason, my name is Lew Patton, and I just want to say it’s a tremendous honor meet and talk with you since I am a huge Cowboys fan. I’ll try not to sound too much like a homer while I ask you some questions is that ok?

Witten: That’s fine, it’s always good to talk to Cowboys fans.

Me: Jason, I know that Proctor and Gamble is a huge sponsor of the Pro Bowl there in Hawaii, what are they helping the NFL with there?

Witten: They are working with the Slant 45 program to help kids experience the NFL. It’s a lot fun helping the kids in that regard.

Me: That’s great. I have seen your “I am second” video and I wanted to say congratulations on making your 2nd Pro Bowl. Do you ever think about the possibility of going in to the Hall of Fame?

Witten: To be honest, I never really think about that. The players that are in the Hall of Fame are such great players, I just don’t think about myself in there. I think about just playing today.

Me:  Jason, I know you are from Tennessee, and I have relatives in Tennessee too, what teams did you follow when you were growing up there, and who were some of your favorite players?

Witten:  Well, when I was growing up the Tennessee Titans weren’t there yet, but some of my favorite players were Steve McNair, and when I was in school, I played linebacker. I always admired Junior Seau.

Me:  Do you think there will be a strike next season?

Witten: I sure hope not. Our Union is working with the owners and so hopefully they can get an agreement in place without any stoppage. A strike wouldn’t be good for the fans.

Me:  What needs do the Cowboys have to address in the next draft?

Witten: Well, Jerry is good about handling that, but we have to be able to replace a safety if they leave, just be able to have good players if anyone leaves.

Me:  What do you and your family like to do in the off-season.

Witten:  Well you know, just be a family and hang out together. This Pro Bowl trip to Hawaii is a nice gift to start the off-season with.

Me: Do you think the Cowboys will be able to clear that last hurdle to next year’s Super Bowl With Jason Garrett and his staff with having a full off-season to put his plans in effect?

Witten: Absolutely! Jason Garrett is very organized and meticulous in getting things done. He expects the best from his staff and players and that’s the way it’s going to be.

Me: Do you think the Pro Bowl should be played after the Super Bowl?

Witten: Yes! I’m an old-school kind of guy and I liked the way the Pro Bowl was played before. This format has been in place for two years now, but I like the old way better.

Me: And finally Jason, obviously we would much rather have seen the Cowboys getting ready for Super Bowl XLV, but since the Boys aren’t going to play there, who do yo like the Packers or Steelers?

Witten: Well, the Packers represent the NFC so I have to pull for them, but Pittsburgh has a pretty good defense so I don’t know.

Me: Thanks so much Jason, it was great speaking to you today!


Thanks so much to Rick Chandler at Off the Bench, for this great opportunity to talk to Jason Witten. Thanks also to Brian Manning and Christian Matthews of Taylor’s Strategy for the hook-up, you guys are awesome!

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Which NFL jerseys are women buying?

Apparantly, there is a large segment of this society (women), that buy NFL jerseys differently from men. In other words, women like certain jerseys differently than men. Case in point. 

With more than 40 percent of NFL fans being female, jerseys tailored for women have become popular in recent years. So it’s interesting to see what jerseys men buy that women don’t and vice versa.

So what player experienced a nice jump in the women’s jersey market as compared to the men’s market?

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who is reportedly dating Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr, is fourth on the women’s jersey list one spot ahead of Tom Brady. He ranks seventh on the list of regular jerseys.

And women clearly love their Dallas Cowboys. Wide receiver Miles Austin is seventh on the women’s list, but 13th on the men’s list. Quarterback Tony Romo is ninth on the women’s list and 11th on the men’s list. And the biggest jump of anyone on the list is tight end Jason Witten, who is 21st on the men’s list, but 10th on the women’s list.

 Best Selling NFL Women’s Jerseys

  1. Troy Polamalu, Steelers
  2. Peyton Manning, Colts
  3. Drew Brees, Saints
  4. Aaron Rodgers, Packers
  5. Tom Brady, Patriots
  6. Tim Tebow, Broncos
  7. Miles Austin, Cowboys
  8. Eli Manning, Giants
  9. Tony Romo, Cowboys
  10. Jason Witten, Cowboys

Interesting. I think I’ll drag out my Cowboys jersey for the Super Bowl.

Whose NFL Jerseys Scores the Most With Women? (CNBC)

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Hey Jerry, I think YOU are the problem!

No one wants to read about how bad their team is, but you just can’t help it right? I hate writing about a losing team, especially since it’s been my team for 50 years now.

Why are the Cowboys 1-4 after the game today in Minnesota? Because we don’t have effective coaching. Why don’t we have effective coaching? Because Jerry Jones wants to be the man. He wants to be the Alpha Male. He’s willing to gamble that if his team makes it to the Super Bowl, in some sick sort of way, he can stand on the podium and claim responsibility. Since that isn’t going to happen given the poor record so far this year, then he should take the blame right?

Everyone in North America knows Jerry only hires people he can train as puppets. If they won’t be a Jerry puppet, they go elsewhere. (See Bill Parcells and Jimmy Johnson).

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It’s that Reunion time of year!

  The state of Texas is right on the verge of a seasonal change. I can feel it in the air, and there are several indications as to why I know summer is about to end.

The Cowboys are in the pre-season, the Rangers are in the last 1/3 of their season (and still in first place I might add), Wal-Mart is advertising back-to-school and tax-free weekends. Yeah, it’s all shaping up to be a great seasonal change. I took the garbage out earlier and it didn’t feel like I was walking into an oven when I stepped outside. The Grand Prairie AirHogs’ season has a week left on it. So long to all of my friends at QuickTrip Park, and I mean that.

This upcoming week, my old Army unit will be congregating in San Antonio for an Army Reunion. The First Infantry Division will be gathering by the river to welcome back troops that served in that glorious unit. I’m looking forward to it.

Then, in early September, I will be going to my home town to my high school reunion. Hooo Boy. Supposed to be the “greatest reunion in the history of Sweetwater Texas!” Hoooochie momma!!!!

I have to get ready for fall classes. Hope I can afford the books.

There’s one other sign that the seasons are changing here in Texas. High school football starts this week. Looking forward to reuniting with everything that brings fall weather again.

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John Phillips may have torn ACL. Ouch!

Tight end John Phillips‘ push for a large role in the Cowboys offense may have hit a huge roadblock.

Todd Archer of the Dallas Morning News reports that Phillips “likely” suffered a torn ACL in his right knee against the Bengals.

“I’m going to stay positive and wait for [Monday] and see what the doctors get confirmed,” Phillips said.

Phillips backed up a strong training camp with four catches for 60 yards on Sunday night, leading all receivers.  He was pushing Martellus Bennett for playing time as the team’s backup tight end; Phillips showed great versatility in his ability to line up in multiple spots.

Now it appears that Phillips’ second NFL season could be over before it started.

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