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Wake up call: How low can Wade and LeBron go?

This story is going viral, if you will pardon the pun.

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James were caught pretending to be sick and apparently mocking Dirk Nowitzki on camera by channel 11 in Dallas. Nowitzki had a fever above 100 degrees during Game 4, but still managed to lead the Mavericks to a series-tying victory.

Here is the video:

Karma, if you believe in such a thing, came back to get Wade? He injured his hip
early in Game 5 and tried to play through it.

Wow. Pretty bold move guys. At least the Mavs won Game 5 and now are 1 win away from winning this series. I would imagine the Mavs will have the last laugh. Oh, and did I mention karma?



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Most people save for retirement


Have a great day and thanks for reading the blog, Go Mavs!


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Mavs steal Game 2, 95-93

Mavericks end game on 22-5 run; series now 1-1

Dirk Nowitzki made the tie-breaking layup with 3.6 seconds left, and the Mavericks roared back from 15 points down with 6 minutes left in the fourth quarter to beat the Heat 95-93 on Thursday night and tie the NBA finals at one game apiece.

Capping a furious rally by scoring Dallas’ final nine points, Nowitzki’s final two baskets were left-handed — despite a torn tendon on his non-shooting hand.

It was nice to take the air out of Miami.

Stat of the Game: The Heat took 73 shots & 30 of them were from 3. Series heads to Dallas tied 1-1


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Wake Up Call: Of course Jerry is invited to the wedding

In the biggest publicity stunt since Barnum and Bailey’s Circus came to town, Jerry Jones actually went on ESPN to tell us mere mortal, poor people that he has “special permission” to attend Tony Romo’s wedding this Saturday in Dallas. Isn’t that special?

“I’ve gotten special permission,” Jones said. “But more than anything, [I got
the] right ticket from him and his fianceé — Romo’s wife-to-be. [It’s] one of
prettiest invitations I’ve ever seen.

Oh please Jerry. Do me a favor and get back to the negotiating table and break this impasse with the NFL Players Union, and lets play some football ok?

Because of the lockout, NFL teams are not allowed to speak with players or agents. However, there have been some charity events where players and coaches have crossed paths.

Technically, Jones doesn’t need special permission from the league to go to Romo’s wedding. Personal events and situations where team officials would interact with a player — such as weddings, funerals, serious illnesses or
medical emergencies — don’t need to be cleared through the league office.

Romo has sent out wedding invitations to all of his teammates and most, if not all, are expected to attend. Romo is marrying former television reporter Candice Crawford.

“It’s going to be a fun day,” Romo said earlier this week. “When you have the right one, you just know.”

Boy Howdy, we are happy now.



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And oh yeah, Mavs WIN!!!



Shouldn’t you be a little concerned when things are too good to be true?


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Mavs and Thunder, Back and Forth

So I’m thinking there is a bit with these NBA playoff games. Dallas takes game 1, OKC takes game 2. Dallas takes game 3, and they play game 4 tonight. Guess who I would imagine wins tonight’s game? Game 5 is in Dallas, where I predict Mavericks go up 3 games to 2, then back to OKC for game 6, and back to Dallas for game 7 (if necessary). Anyone see a pattern here? Many people have often thrown out the grassy knoll theory that teams make more money the longer the series lasts. Now I don’t know squat about basketball. I’m a novice as a spectator. But there has been a reason I have never delved into the sport for this many years. One of the reasons is because of just what happened Saturday night in OKC. The Mavs were up at one point by 23 points. I noticed the Mavs were fortunate to win that game by just eaking out a 6 point win. I don’t enjoy games like that. I know, I know, it’s exciting. I get that. But my idea would be why make a fan go through all that? Why not just put 2 minutes on a clock and the last team to score wins?

I almost find it comical at the post game news conference at these games. Everyone makes it sound like they have figured out the secret to plutonium. And then the next game, it’s like that explanation made no sense and the other team compensated for that mistake so may as well not said anything after the prior game.

Oh well. Expect Oklahoma City to win tonight and make it look like the Mavs have no prayer in this series, until Wednesday night.

What you missed last night:

Wait! He didn’t mean to say it! What are the odds we have not heard the last of this story?

Anyone need a house? I wonder if I could rent this?

A new game of Where’s Waldo?

And if you have to call the fire department, make sure everything is good to go.


You think Troy Aikman is asking this? See how I did that?

Thanks for reading my blog. Have a great week and here is today’s video.


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Boom Shaka laka laka, Mavericks beat Thunder, take 2-1 series lead

What is it with this game of basketball? Dallas was up at one point by 23 points but the Oklahoma City Thunder made it interesting to finally lose 93-87.

The Mavericks, who tied with Miami for the league’s best road record during the regular season, won for the fourth straight time outside Dallas in these playoffs and reclaimed home-court advantage just two nights after letting it get away in Game 2.

Nowitzki went 7 for 21 from the field but Dallas still called on him in the clutch to hold off Oklahoma City’s late charge.

NBA scoring champion Kevin Durant also struggled from the field, hitting  just 7 of 22 shots to finish with 24 points and 12 rebounds.

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Recapping the Cuervo games

One word. Fantastic!

The Cuervo Games for 2011 started in Scottsdale Arizona, and it was a blast!

I really needed a weekend like this. A chance to get away and play for a change. Huge kudos to a few folks The awesome team from Taylor Strategy, Maxim, and of course, Jose Cuervo for putting this all together and for sending us media types to cover the games.

I got in to Scottsdale at about 5:00 Friday afternoon and met Kellie and Jenna, and all the rest of my team mates at a dinner that evening at El Hefa.

The food was great, the drinks were great, but most importantly, the people were great. The whole town was celebrating Cinco De Mayo en mass. It was one of those things where everything just fit together.

The temperature Saturday was a pleasant 102 degrees but it was a dry heat. (How many times have we heard that?)

We media types were able to play around with the event stuff and I have to say it was all pretty challenging. The eight teams that won here in Scottsdale will move on to the next competition in Dallas in two weeks.

It was a great place to network, have fun, and have some great food and drinks. I was amazed at how many participants and media types were at this event. I’m going to estimate a thousand or so folks.

There were ladies from Maxim magazine shaking a tumbler to make margaritas and got prizes for the best shaken, shook, put-together margarita.

Off the chain fun.

Join us in two weeks when they come to Dallas and see how the teams do there.

UPDATE::::: From Amanda Lawson’s Blog

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Tony Romo’s Wedding Invitations are out

It’s no secret that Tony Romo is getting married to Candice Crawford in Dallas on May 28.

We just got our hands on a copy of the wedding invitation.

Today TMZ is making a huge deal out of it.

We know Candice is a gorgeous woman. And this Dallas girl was the runner-up in Tony’s pageant. But what about honorable mention? …

So Tony’s middle name is Ramiro???


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Oh how sweet it tis!

From Rick Chandler’s Xanga Blog

Redmond, WA — Poised to rocket ahead in the standings if either Duke or
Wisconsin won their respective Sweet 16 showdowns on Thursday, Alex
showed little emotion as both teams were soundly defeated,
effectively ending his chances at finishing in the money. Telling his wife that
he was going to “take a quick bath,” Valdes stopped briefly in the kitchen to
retrieve what his family thought was a bar of soap. This would be a sad scene,
except for the flowers, which are a nice touch.

Several other participants set their pool fortunes to “dark” on Thursday,
but all is not lost. There are 29 people who can
still win it all
, plus many others still eligible to finish in the money
(second or third place). Be particularly wary of Jerry DuPuis
and Teri Guida, who are the only two who picked Arizona to go
all the way. They could spell trouble for Lew Patton, the
Dallas resident who — like the Texas cattle barons of old — owns three
brackets in the top four, refusing to let anyone else graze on his land. Of
course Patton’s beloved Texas Rangers were roundly spanked in the World Series
this past fall by a team which will remain nameless, and is out for revenge.


Standings here.

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Hoist that leg for charity mate!

One of the good things about professional sports is the amount of public exposure you can get for a great cause. Take the idea of Captain Morgan of Captain Morgan rum fame. He is on a mission to pose with his leg in the air to get a 1.00 donation for each picture for charity. The publicity has been amazing.

And it’s been fun. Much better than seeing the Mavs lose to the Lakers last Saturday night at the AA Center in Dallas.

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Deion Sanders Puts Pads up for Sale

The post went up nearly a week ago. Move.com has pics of the two places Deion has on the market. Looking to live way north of town and price is no object? His Prosper mansion is listed at $21 million. If, however, you want to live near downtown Dallas and you’re on a budget, his Azure condo is listed at $7.5 million.

He has made history with his interceptions and kick returns as a cornerback and sometime wide receiver, and now Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders has two homes listed on REALTOR.com®

The two properties are both in Texas, with his Prosper home listed at $21 million, and his Dallas home listed at $7.5 million.

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