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Rangers draft paralyzed outfielder Johnathan Taylor

From NBC Sports Hardball Talk:

The Rangers used their 33rd-round pick Wednesday to draft University of Georgia outfielder Johnathan Taylor, who was paralyzed after an outfield collision in March and is considered unlikely to walk again.

Taylor fractured two vertebrae in his spine in a collision with teammate Zach Cone three months ago.  Cone was the Rangers’ second-round pick, and it looks like the team decided it’d be a nice gesture to select Taylor afterwards.

The paralysis has affected all of Taylor’s extremities, so he is considered a tetraplegic.  He has some use of his arms, but no feeling in his legs or fingers.  Still, he is able to use his hands again and even play video games.  Since his spinal cord wasn’t severed, the hope is that his condition will continue improve with time.

Taylor hit .335 with a team-best .442 OBP for the Bulldogs in 2010.  He was playing in Georgia’s 11th game of this season when he was injured.



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Josh Hamilton has no regard for his own well being

Josh Hamilton just came back from the disabled list for a hairline fracture to his upper arm. Do you think that entered his mind last night when the Rangers played the White Sox?

In a memorable eighth inning on the bases around 1 a.m., Hamilton slid headfirst into first base in beating out an infield hit, slid headfirst in stealing second and made a nice hesitation headfirst slide to avoid a tag on a wild pitch to get to third. He was stranded there, but he certainly made a statement that his body felt good and that he was going to stay aggressive on the bases.

“I see what you’re saying, but you guys have to have something to write about,”
Hamilton said to a small group of media early Wednesday morning. “If I stop
doing that, then I won’t be true to myself as a baseball player or true to my
teammates or the fans that watch me play the game.

“I just don’t get why you keep harping on it. Just expect it out of me. If I get hurt, we’ll continue
to do this thing. It’s ridiculous. I can’t worry about that. I never think about it.”

So what did all the sliding show?

“That I want to win,” Hamilton said. “Isn’t that what I get paid for?”

Ugh. I think I know where this is heading.

Josh Hamilton not altering his style of play (ESPN Dallas)


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Ron Washington credits win to watching Seinfeld

So let’s say you manage a Major League Baseball team and two of your top hitters are on the DL. Your team is going through a little slump at the plate. What do you do?

In the case of Ron Washington, you just go watch a rerun of Seinfeld, and get new ideas about the game. Washington credits his lineup change to Seinfeld yesterday as the Rangers defeated the Oakland A’s 7-2.

Washington said he got the idea to change the lineup
while watching a “Seinfeld” rerun on Monday night.

“We got on base 18 times,” the manager said. “Michael was
huge. Beltre was huge with a two-run bomb.”

Will he come back with the same order for Wednesday’s
series finale?

“I’ll see when I’m watching ‘Seinfeld’,” Washington

Pretty good huh? What if Seinfeld reruns don’t work in the future? Maybe Ron can check out Walker, Texas Ranger?

Lewis, Beltre lead Rangers past Athletics 7-2 (DMN)

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Sometimes, baseball just makes no sense

So you go to bed at night thinking the world will at least stay on its axis until you can wake up the next day. I couldn’t sleep for some reason and got on my computer at 3:30 AM and the news came all the way in from left field. (Pardon the pun)
Rangers’ part owner Chuck Greenberg could resign as early as today? What the Hades??

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Saturday, in the park

Have a great Saturday everybody. I’ve got to make plans for either watching the Mavs vs. the Spurs at the AA Center on the giant big screens later, or watching the Rangers muck it up against the Royals, but either way I’ve got to make some plans.

I leave you with a pretty cool video of Einstein the parrot.

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