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Oh, it got a little scary in Arlington last night

We here in north Texas had a dose of scary weather last night. I saw baseball-sized hail and the weather was bad enough to postpone the Rangers-White Sox game.

A violent thunderstorm and the threat of tornadoes stopped the Texas RangersChicago White Sox game in the fourth inning on Tuesday night and authorities went even farther with their precautions, evacuating fans from the stands at Rangers Ballpark.

With civil defense sirens blaring because the Arlington area was under a tornado warning, fans were directed away from seating areas — many through the ballpark’s dugouts — and were reportedly funneled to underground tunnels inside the park.

Reporters on the scene (and folks watching on TV) tweeted ominous photos of clouds, precipitation coming down and fans filing through any open exit.

Thankfully, the line of storms yielded no tornadoes. Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News wondered where all of the fans were going to go, because they all didn’t seem to fit underneath the ballpark where they were being directed.

They finally resumed the game much later, and in the Ranger’s case, probably wished it had been postponed.

Texas Rangers evacuate ballpark after tornado warnings(Big League Stew)


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Josh Hamilton has no regard for his own well being

Josh Hamilton just came back from the disabled list for a hairline fracture to his upper arm. Do you think that entered his mind last night when the Rangers played the White Sox?

In a memorable eighth inning on the bases around 1 a.m., Hamilton slid headfirst into first base in beating out an infield hit, slid headfirst in stealing second and made a nice hesitation headfirst slide to avoid a tag on a wild pitch to get to third. He was stranded there, but he certainly made a statement that his body felt good and that he was going to stay aggressive on the bases.

“I see what you’re saying, but you guys have to have something to write about,”
Hamilton said to a small group of media early Wednesday morning. “If I stop
doing that, then I won’t be true to myself as a baseball player or true to my
teammates or the fans that watch me play the game.

“I just don’t get why you keep harping on it. Just expect it out of me. If I get hurt, we’ll continue
to do this thing. It’s ridiculous. I can’t worry about that. I never think about it.”

So what did all the sliding show?

“That I want to win,” Hamilton said. “Isn’t that what I get paid for?”

Ugh. I think I know where this is heading.

Josh Hamilton not altering his style of play (ESPN Dallas)


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The difference between a World Series team and the Texas Rangers

I wish I could just embed these videos, but you know, they belong to Major League Baseball and they don’t like to embed their videos, but if you will hit the links you can clearly see the difference on about the same kind of play to end the ball game in each game last night. First, here is the spectacular grab by the Giants Right Fielder Nate Schierholtz :


Now, watch almost the identical play by the Ranger’s Craig Gentry.


Thanks for playing.

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Oh how sweet it tis!

From Rick Chandler’s Xanga Blog

Redmond, WA — Poised to rocket ahead in the standings if either Duke or
Wisconsin won their respective Sweet 16 showdowns on Thursday, Alex
showed little emotion as both teams were soundly defeated,
effectively ending his chances at finishing in the money. Telling his wife that
he was going to “take a quick bath,” Valdes stopped briefly in the kitchen to
retrieve what his family thought was a bar of soap. This would be a sad scene,
except for the flowers, which are a nice touch.

Several other participants set their pool fortunes to “dark” on Thursday,
but all is not lost. There are 29 people who can
still win it all
, plus many others still eligible to finish in the money
(second or third place). Be particularly wary of Jerry DuPuis
and Teri Guida, who are the only two who picked Arizona to go
all the way. They could spell trouble for Lew Patton, the
Dallas resident who — like the Texas cattle barons of old — owns three
brackets in the top four, refusing to let anyone else graze on his land. Of
course Patton’s beloved Texas Rangers were roundly spanked in the World Series
this past fall by a team which will remain nameless, and is out for revenge.


Standings here.

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Welcome to Texas Adrian Beltre

The Texas Rangers and free-agent third baseman Adrian Beltre are close to completing terms on a multiyear deal, a source told ESPNdeportes.com on Sunday.

“They are still talking and have not completed the details, but an agreement appears imminent,” the source told ESPNdeportes.com.

Wow, how great would Beltre make an already great hitting line-up?  This deal looks imminent so expect breaking news on this contract at any time now. The question now becomes, what happens to Michael Young when Beltre takes his position at third base? There is talk about making Young a “super” utility infielder and letting him be the DH. If that’s the case then no need for the one year contract for Guerrero. But if Young doesn’t like that deal, maybe he gets traded and save the Rangers some money.

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What am I bid for a Major League Baseball team?

Have you ever heard of a Major League Baseball team being auctioned off? I haven’t either. The sale of the Texas Rangers becomes more bizarre as the days wear on in the Texas heat. Like my friend Willie Martin and I were discussing yesterday, baseball is a large game with many smaller games inside that game. So is the sale of the Texas Rangers.

The judge in this case could decide tomorrow on whether the team’s auction will be held as scheduled on Aug. 4 despite objections from major lenders and the ballclub’s court-appointed chief restructuring officer. 

J.P. Morgan Chase, the lead bank for the top lenders, filed a separate lawsuit Friday saying it holds the right to block the transfer of the $2 million a year lease on Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. That move has a chance to stall any sale of the team.

If that weren’t complicated enough, then there’s Mark Cuban throwing his hat in the ring as a possible investor. Why would he do that? Which side is he on? The Greenberg-Ryan side, or is he really wanting to be the owner of the baseball team himself? Interesting.

Major League Baseball wants Greenberg-Ryan as the owners, and the lenders want the chance for other potential investors to be allowed time to raise the ante so their losses won’t be as great. It’s all very confusing. Stay tuned.

The Grand Prairie AirHogs losing streak reaches 13 games — As some of you may know or not know, I have been spending most of the summer going to AirHogs game in Grand Prairie. I’ve been amazed how after it’s all said and done, it’s all a business. Forget trying to know who’s on first because they will probably be gone the next day. It’s just business. And you think it’s easy on the players?

To me, it seems very difficult to know how to cope with a 13 game losing streak, and then I take a step back and watch and listen.

Kids. They don’t care what the record is….Kids can come to Quick Trip park and get autographs! Kids can have fun no matter what the record is.

So there ya have it. From the 1st place Texas Rangers, to the last place Grand Prairie AirHogs, baseball always stands the test of time. We may get older, but baseball stays the same.

When I was a kid in Sweetwater Texas, I could fly like the wind. Center field was my home. It’s where opposing fly balls went to die.

I think back about center field every time I attend a game now. Baseball is the same. It’s me that has changed.


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Rangers acquire left-hander Lee

From ESPN:

Cliff Lee was going to a contender no matter what. Turns out it was the Texas Rangers, not the New York Yankees.

” Lee texted to ESPN The Magazine’s Amy K. Nelson. “It’s official. From last [place] to first.”

After talks between the Seattle Mariners and Yanks fell apart Friday afternoon, the Rangers jumped in and reached agreement on a trade for the left-hander.

The M’s sent Lee and reliever Mark Lowe to Texas for first baseman Justin Smoak and minor leaguers Blake Beavan, Josh Lueke and Matthew Lawson.

The Mariners will also send $2.5 million to the Rangers to subsidize the $4 million still owed to Lee. Texas has financial limitations due to bankruptcy hearings associated with the sale of the team. There has been speculation the Rangers — despite leading the AL West — would not be able to add weapons for the stretch run.

And there still could be trouble. An anonymous official of an MLB team said the Rangers taking on $1.5 million in salary “is going to be an issue” since the team is currently being run by the league. It is not clear if the bankruptcy court would allow the team to take on that kind of debt.

Lee is 8-3 with a 2.34 ERA this season for the Mariners, his first in Seattle. The Phillies traded him this offseason after acquiring Roy Halladay.

Lee won the Cy Young while with Cleveland in 2008. Over nine seasons he is 98-55 with a 3.84 ERA.

It’s unusual for a team to trade a start pitcher within it’s own division, but the Mariners have been a huge disappointment. Heading into Friday’s action, they trailed the Rangers by 16 games.

When asked how he felt about the deal, Lee texted “good I guess. Gonna be on a very good team. Definitely gonna be hot!”

By trading for Lee now, the Rangers potentially gain four more starts from the lefty than they would have gotten if the acquired him at the trade deadline.

The Yankees had offered Seattle a three-player package, centered around catcher Jesus Montero — who is rated as one of the best prospects in baseball, despite questions about whether he can be a catcher in the big leagues — second baseman David Adams and a young prospect.

But the deal began to unravel, a source told ESPN.com, when the Mariners became concerned about the health of Adams, who is out with a sprained ankle.

A source told ESPN.com that Seattle and Texas were very close to a deal for Lee on Wednesday. But the Mariners were pushing for Smoak, the Rangers balked and that deal stalled.

So on Thursday, the Mariners turned their attention to the Yankees and began closing in on that deal. But when those talks blew up, the Rangers — who by then were aware of all the reports about that Seattle-New York deal — got back into the picture and agreed to trade Smoak. So the pieces came together very quickly at that point because the two teams almost had a deal done 48 hours earlier.

And now Lee is on his way to Arlington.

“Bout to go get my stuff from the field,” he texted. “Gonna miss my teammates and coaching staff! Good people!”

ESPN.com’s Jayson Stark, ESPN The Magazine’s Buster Olney and ESPN.com Amy K. Nelson contributed to this report.


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