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About Me

currently work for a local college in Dallas in the Admissions Department. I previously worked for the State of Texas as an Employment Counselor and the Texas Employment Commission. I am a veteran of the U. S. Army. I am divorced and have 3 adult children. I love sports, especially football, and my favorite pro football team is the Dallas Cowboys.

I am a published contributor to  www.deadspin.com and NBC Sports – Out of Bounds and other sports blogs. I love having the ability to state my own opinion and always welcome feedback that is thought provoking.

Here are a few articles from NBC Sports I have contributed to:


If I could give any advice to anyone, it would be cherish your friends and family. Try to be considerate of someone who may be having a difficult time at that point of their lives. Realize everyone makes mistakes. Be accepting of people and know no one is perfect.

As I think back over my life so far, one of my proudest moments was my association with the U. S. Army. It was probably the best time of my life as far as my overall health and my self confidence in myself. I will always look back at that period of my life with great pride. Here is a little sampling of just how fired up I was during that period of time.

Contact me at lewpatt@gmail.com or on Twitter @LewP

12 responses to “About LewP

  1. texasbeerpig

    aaahhaaaaa……lol….I found yer new “hidin” place…lol

  2. lewp

    haha yep, you found me Beerpig! Good to see you and thanks for the comment.

  3. rshalomw

    enjoyed your site and your love of sports.
    I wish you the best.

  4. lewp

    Thanks so much rshalomw!

    Thank you for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it, and my blog is a good stress reliever for me.

    Thanks again.

  5. asolobo

    GO LOBOES!! Enough Said!!


  6. hawksrule1

    I found you. Just started a 5 day R&R.

  7. lewp

    Hey Dave, great to see you man. I’m starting a 5 day R&R as well. Let’s do lunch one day.

  8. Hey Lew,

    Following you back on twitter. I’m an old geek that loves the ‘internets’ too. (60 in Nov)

    P.S. and I do respond to ‘real’ DM’s on twitter. There are so many automated direct message twitter tools. It stinks of automation and defeats the whole purpose of social media.

    Have a great day anyway. There are still some old schoolers out there. 🙂

  9. lewp

    Hi Kenton, and thanks so much for your comment. I’m pretty new to Twitter and really trying to figure that out.

    Maybe I will learn to “Tweet” one day, but I am pretty stuck on this blog for now. I appreciate you stopping by and I hope you become a fan!

  10. Snomizr

    Thanks for the tips for where to go for 4th of July. My husband is working here for the next month so I wasn’t sure where to go since we’re not from here. Happy 4th!

  11. lewp

    You are very welcome Snomizr…

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